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Why is detoxing with Tea important?

Detoxing is simply an act of flushing out all the toxins out of your body and allowing your body to absorb better nutrients. Detoxing happens step by step and in ancient Indian times, Teas were used to detox along with other methods such as toxin removal massages and fasting. While you can do all three of them, it is important to start flushing the toxins out starting with the right kind of Teas with the right ingredients for a new healthy you.

How often should I drink Teaphoria detox tea?

Unlike other popular brands in the market, Teaphoria is not a mass produced Tea company. All the ingredients used are basic and are essential for your body and helps you in keeping your mind and body healthier each day. You can safely use “One cup” of “Deep Detox” blend or “Love my guts Dandelion chai” each day.

Can I drink the tea cold in hot weather?

Absolutely. Every Tea is made to give you an experience to the fullest regardless of the weather. 

Recipe - Steep them teas in room temperature cold water with “two teaspoons” of loose leaf tea in your strainer, drop the strainer in a glass jug full of room temperature water, set aside for two hours, and then for two hours in fridge and enjoy a cold brew all day everyday with its natural taste.

Do they come in large bags if I want to get more?

Yes each tea comes in a large value bag. I recommend choosing your value pack with the drop down menu and enjoy over 20% less price then the small bags. Stock them as they have a higher shelf life of over 6 to 12 months.

Can I have my Ashwagandha with water?

Yes absolutely you can. While we recommend to follow the recipe for the best taste experience. You can definitely shake it up with water. Recipe - Take a shaker. Fill it up with room temperature water, add a teaspoon of Ashwagandha mix, shake it up and enjoy. While it may be the right thing for you but it wont taste as nutty and flavoursome as it does with plant based milk as a latte.