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Create Your Own Tea

Teaphoria exclusively offers to collaborate with companies, health professionals and individuals. We offer one of a kind exclusive service of creating a signature tea for your company. 

Whether you are a world class spa or an amazing health professional who wants to give their end clients an extraordinary experience of a tea that is specifically created to meet your client’s end goals and needs, we would create a personalized experience with a tea just designed for you.

We have a process that we go through starting from:

  • Understanding your requirements.
  • Sourcing the right elements from the right farms.
  • Creating the blend with our secret method that is not replicable by anyone else.
  • Branding it with your company name.
  • Giving you and your clients that extraordinary experience you have been waiting for.

If would like us to create an exclusive tea for you, made just for you please get in touch with us via the form below.

Each tea blended and formulated personally by Prati, our trained tea expert and founder, no matter how elaborate and complex the project is.